Subsidiary and Branch office in Budapest

The ‘’Roczko Lawyer’s Office‘‘ in Budapest helps and counsels foreign investors in their desire to found LLCs or incorporated companies or branch offices in Hungary. In order to be able to found a branch office in Hungary the shareholder must present the original company documents and have them translated into Hungarian by an authorized translator and must have them authenticated by a notary public. In case the shareholder of a Hungarian company is another commercial company, a foreign LLC, an incorporated company, a limited company, an IBC is, the shareholder’s company must request the following documents from his homeland and have them translated in order for the Hungarian Commercial Court to approve the Subsidiary Company Incorporation in Hungary.

The following documents are to be presented:

   1. Memorandum of association (certificate of incorporation, statute)
   2. Excerpt from the Commercial Register, not exceeding 30 days
   3. Certificate issued by the Commercial Court of the country, if available
   4. Decision and mandate/ proxy issued by the holding company, attesting that Company X (mentioning entire necessary identification data, such as: (commercial register number, tax identification number, company name, head office address, shareholder and manager (mentioning entire necessary identification data, such as: first name and surname, address, mother’s surname before getting married, identification card number or passport number, issued on the ….., by the ……., birthday and birth place) have decided to found a Hungarian company, being managed by XY. This person is empowered to decide entirely for the Hungarian company and to sign all necessary documents. The manager of the Hungarian company may sign in the name of the holding company all documents related to the founding of the Hungarian company.

All these documents must be translated and notary authenticated and before arrival of the person in authority these documents must be e-mailed to us. At arrival, the person in authority must present us the originals and the authenticated copies.

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