Necessary documents for company formation

1. Copy of ID Card or Passport
2. Daughter Name of Mother (Before Marriage)
3. 3-4 Possible Name for the new company
4. The Activities of the Company

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Name of the client:
E-mail address:
The established date of the signing of the documents:

Denomination of the company, the headquarters, the branches, filiations.  

Denomination of the company: ……………………………………….. Company with Limited Liability
Short denomination of the company: ……………………………………… Ltd
(We recommend to verify on our website if the denomination already exists)

The denomination is considered as existent (thus taken) and in case that company is dissolved or in the process of registration. An existent denomination can be modified – but numbers or dates are not accepted! It is desirable a denomination that differs with at least four characters from the denomination already existent. It is very useful to choose a denomination with two words.

The headquarters of the company:
The branches of the company:
The filiations of the company:
The e-mail address of the company:

The founding associate of the company
Name of the mother:

The field (fields) of activity of the company
(The corresponding code will be chosen from the menu “List of fields of activity” (NACE (Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community)) on the site).
Main activity: (will be only one)
Other activities: (At the Registry of Commerce you don’t need to declare the secondary activities, they will be declared only at the Financial Administration).
The social capital of the company

The social capital of the company:
In cash and/or (HUF):
Input of (HUF):

The Administrator
The Administrator of the company:
Number of Identity card:
Name of the mother:

Declaring the revenue at the Financial Administration
(request the help of your accountant.)

Underline the desired option:
a.) VAT registered, I request the fiscal code valid for taxes in EU (yes/no)
b.) Exemption of VTA payment
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is recommended that you lay off the entire social capital. In exchange it is sufficient to declare the capital, the deposition of the entire sum of money not being mandatory.
The minimum social capital is of 3.000.000 HUF also in the case of the companies with unique associate. When the hungarian company registration procedure is ready, and the LTD is registered in  it is mandatory to depose the sum of money of minimum 100.000 HUF, the difference following to be paid at the established date, but at most one year from the date of registering.
The unique associate can accumulate the social capital even from an input in nature, namely non monetary goods. The input in nature will be put at the disposal of the company before the opening of the procedure of registration.
The social capital of the company with unique associate can be accumulated entirely in nature.
It is not necessary to present the excerpt of the bank account, proving the payment of the social capital, at the Commerce Registry Office you will depose only the declaration of the administrator in front of an attorney.   NACE (Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community) + Denomination of the company

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