Howto start business in Hungary?

Our clients ought to come to our Budapest office in order to sign the documents. This can be achieved in less than an hour. Our jurist will then send the signed documents electronically to the Commercial Court, whereas the approval procedure normally takes about 2-5 workdays. The Certificate of Incorporation will then be sent - together with the European tax identification number - electronically to our lawyer. Our customers then would need to travel to Hungary once more in order to open a bank account. Should our clients themselves desire the opening of a bank account, so should they make a call to our Budapest central lawyer’s office, where the hungarian company had been registered, in order to request the Certificate of Incorporation, needed for the account opening. Our colleagues will then electronically send these documents to the bank, so that the bank account can be opened.
Suggestion: There have also been such clients that have opened a bank account from their homeland for their Hungarian company. In the case of such banks the opening of a bank account can be solved also from the comfort of your home. Yet, this is only the case of such banks that have opened branch offices in Hungary, such as: Raiffeisen, Unicredit, Erste...

Important notice: the company’s manager is obliged to be employed in his newly founded Hungarian company, unless he works an 8-hour program in another company. In case he is employed in another company (in another European member state), then that firm needs to issue a letter of acknowledgement in order to confirm this issue. This letter of acknowledgement should be sent to the accounting department via a scanned copy, thus the manager becomes an exception from having to be employed.
In the case of Ready Made companies our customers receive a letter of guarantee attesting that the company never had any activity and has no debts! With a Ready Made company working is already possible after 3 days and invoices will also be possible to issue. There is an additional tax in Budapest, the so called local tax, being 2 % of the net profit, yet we may offer you the location of your newly found company’s head office in Pand, a 35 km locality from Budapest, where this additional tax of 2% does not exist!
The company manager needs to have a local tax identification number in Hungary, in order to be able to buy printed invoice booklets. Our company applies free of charge for your local tax identification number, yet one needs to be aware of the fact that it may take even 3 months for the manager to receive it. Yet, in order to be able to issue invoices, we suggest to our clients to use out of the electronic invoicing programs which we present to them and which enable invoice issuance without the personal tax identification number.
Attention: the use of invoicing programs of other countries and of self-made invoices is forbidden! Merely those invoicing programs are to be used, which have been allowed by the Hungarian tax office! We shall get you acquainted with such invoicing programs!

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