Hungarian Joint Stock

Most investors desire to establish an LTD Company in Hungary, yet some prefer to found a more recognized company form and for them we offer our incorporated company founding services in Hungary!
An LLC may be founded with 500.000,- Forint, that would mean EUR 1,700,-  initial capital, yet, in order to found an incorporated company, one would need 5 million Forint, that would mean EUR 17,000,- initial capital. Even though the manager of a GmbH is not obliged to pay this entire sum into the bank account, the founder of an incorporated company must pay it in 100% into the incorporated company’s temporary bank account. The shareholder may found the incorporated company only after the bank’s confirmation regarding initial capital pay-in. Even a sole shareholder is entitled to found an incorporated company in Hungary. Yet, the initial capital must be paid in.
Founding period of an incorporated company resembles to that of an LLC. Registration occurs within 1-5 workdays, yet it may also take up to 30 days. Incorporated companies are well-established companies having higher reputation than that of LLCs and may offer more serious businesses than LLCs. Our lawyer’s office founds incorporated companies for our customers for a fee of EUR 2,000,-. Initial capital will be paid into the bank by the manager in person.

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