Company Formation in Hungary

You want to found a private company in Hungary but you don’t know the procedures? Call us and we will help you with the procedures. Your company will be registered in 3-10 working days with VAT Number, you will have nothing else to do but come one time at our attorney office to sign the articles of incorporation.

If you wish, our agency can assure a virtual headquarter and accounting services for your new company at the best price.

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Branch Office and Joint Stock

Many service providers offer their services by promising LTD founding in 24 hours. It may well be the case that the company may exist after one day and detains already the European tax identification number, yet, from the legal point of view, we need to inform all our customers about the fact that this may be only 70% of the cases. Legally, the Commercial Court disposes of 30 days in order to register new companies. Yet, normally, this is fulfilled in 1-3 weekdays, including the European tax number. This constitutes 70-75% of the cases. In some of the cases the shareholder must wait 10 or even more days.

Our clients have to come to our law office in Budapest to sign the documents; that means no more than one hour. Afterwards, our jurist will electronically send to the Trade Register the signed documents. The registration certificate will be electronically sent to our lawyer and the delegated accountant will immediately present the request to the Financial Administration for obtaining the VAT registration, respectively the registration for obtaining the tax ID number.

The commercial relationships have increased between Hungary and other countries in EU after the adherence of our country to EU, this increase being manifested by a large number of enterprises that are extended abroad. Many of the managers of the companies in EU decided to start a business in Hungary in order to exploit the possibilities offered by this market. Which are the opportunities of the market in Hungary? The answer is very simple. The number of the inhabitants of this country is over 10 millions, thus with the corresponding marketing strategy we can have a number of 10 millions of clients. Start business in Hungary.
In Hungary the most preferred form of company for foreign investors is the company with limited liability, but there are many joint stock companies founded, most of these companies having the headquarters in the capital because the number of the inhabitants of Budapest and the suburbs is over 2 millions Company formation in Hungary.
In Hungary you can found a private company with limited liability with a minimum social capital of 500.000 HUF Start business in Hungary. This sum of money won’t have to be transferred in a bank account if you don’t want to, when you register the company you only have to depose a sum of 100.000 HUF and a declaration at our attorney office referring to the existence of the entire social capital. The social capital will be accumulated with the difference of 400.000 HUF within a year from the company registration Hungary. In the case of the joint stock companies the minimum social capital is 5 millions HUF, in case this sum of money won’t be replaced by a declaration, it would have to be mandatory and entirely transferred in the bank account of the company. Attention! The social capital in the case of the companies with limited liability can be accumulated in cash and non-cash. Start business in Hungary! The minimum social capital in the case of the companies with more than one associate is 100.000 HUF /associate Company formation Hungary.
Abroad, as we know, the procedure of registering a company takes a while, sometimes even two weeks. In Hungary the entire administrative procedure of registering is made electronically, thus it won’t take more than 3-15 working days.  After signing the articles of incorporation and the deposition of the request in less than 1-2 hours the company could be registered, this way obtaining the registering number, the statistic code and the fiscal code even of EU. The fiscal code of EU is necessary in case you want to issue invoices to companies or persons from other member states of EU. Of course, we assure the obtaining of the EU fiscal code   Company registration Hungary
Among the services offered by us is included the drawing up of the articles of incorporation and of the other necessary documents by our attorney consultants who have a large experience in the field, registering the company at the Commerce Registry Office, at the Financial Administration (APEH) and at the Central Statistics Office (KSH)   Company registration Hungary                     

    Our agency can assure also a headquarter for your company, because a private company can be registered only in the case it has a headquarter. We offer also consulting and accounting services with the best prices, assured by our authorised accountants Start business in Hungary.
Only with us you can find the whole range of services related to the registering of a company in Hungary. Join the other satisfied clients that we have who launched a business in Hungary with the help of our team Company formation and registration in Hungary
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